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17th Classic-Gala Schwetzingen

Internat. Concours d‘Elegance

3rd * - 5th September 2021

*3rd Sept.   Preview-Day
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The Internat. Concours d'Elegance Automobile - CLASSIC-GALA SCHWETZINGEN is a classic-car event, which is one of the leading exhibitions for high-quality classic-cars. The exhibition of at least 180 of the most exclusive classic-cars of the world is recognized by the specialised media as one of the most important events for classic-cars. 

There takes place a journey through time, from 1890 until 1990, during the Internat. Concours d'Elegance Automobile - CLASSIC-GALA SCHWETZINGEN.

The next date is: 2.-4. September 2022

Special-Shows 2021:

100 years Maybach

100 anni Carrozzeria Ghia

60 years Jaguar E-Type

110 Years of Chevrolet

The E3 Wundercar Collection

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More than 180 classic cars, live-music, art, jewellery & watches, fashion and brand-presentations await the visitors of Classic-Gala Schwetzingen.

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Classic-Gala Schwetzingen provides opportunities for partners and exhibitors.

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The event-organiser

Johannes Hübner is one of the most famous experts for classic-cars in Europe. But he is also a journalist, chief editor, book author and delegate of the world federation FIA.

He is the organiser of the first Concours d'Elegance Automobile of Germany since 2001. He is supported by the competence team of 4C Concept. Project-manager Wolfgang Gauf M.Sc. is an experienced event-manager, who also organises Classic-Gala Schwetzingen professionally.